More awesome Cake-in-Spacers making the administration of beautiful custom composition a reality.

Ronson Wolf

Chief Information Officer/Music Editor/Studio Technician

Finding a picture of Ronson without his boys is nearly impossible and that’s one of the things we love about him. Ronson comes to us by way of Loma Linda University where he was the Events Media Engineer Supervisor. If a file falls in the woods, Ronson hears it. Maintaining all data, and overseeing all final deliveries, he ensures all our projects get delivered with every “t” crossed and “i” dotted. In addition to that, his audio engineering experience makes him a triple threat, going from slicing sessions to making sure our hardware, software and sometimes even kitchenware are at peak performance.

Evee Hunnel

Interning Composer/Lead Sheet Creator

Evelyn is 23 years old and a Belmont student of Computer Science and Composition. She is a classically trained pianist, euphonist, tubist, and a transgender rights activist. We love her passion, speed and attention to detail! Evee is also our connection to all the great live players in Music City, and has not only performed for projects we are involved with, but provided us the right contacts to cover just about anything we could need.

Amy and Dan Eidem

Cue Admin

The dynamic duo! Amy’s career in real estate and business administration earned her the name “Queen of All Things.” Dan has spent more than 30 years in radio broadcasting and has been a Nashville staple for 23 years both on the air as a voice talent and on the stage where he wails on drums and vocals. They are both true rock stars and damn fine cue sheet wranglers.

Arun Bali

Engineer/Producer/Associate Composer

Arun is best known as the guitarist for New Jersey rock band Saves the Day. Behind the desk, he started with composition for commercials then moved on to producing bands, but working to picture is a growing passion. It’s good to know we’ve got someone who can do a little of all of the above! Arun’s love for a challenge cannot be overlooked. He’s always ready to step up to the plate and we are here for it! Listen for Arun’s SICK guitar, bass and more on Middlemost Post! From cowboy slides to full-on metal rippage, he’s providing top-shelf noise for one of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows!

Jason Threm

Producer/Editor/Associate Composer

From street sax performer to hiphop producer, Jason has the sounds and skills we need. Live horns on Middlemost Post? Check. Music edit a temp film score in one day? Check.

As a saxophone player from an early age, Jason was fortunate to come up in an area of Cincinnati with a strong jazz program. Once he realized he was allowed to just “make music up,” the passion to create was ignited and we are eternally grateful!

Between Cake-work, Jason produces records for a variety of Nashville artists. He worked on the emmy-nominated Nella the Princess Knight, as well as The Middlemost Post. Currently, he is handling all our in-house music editing for feature-length projects.

Ray Giron

Songwriter/Editor/Associate Composer

Don’t let Ray’s friendly appearance fool you. He will smash you in Smash Brothers. He will also school you on making the sugariest hooks in the biz, all while having a dance party for his awesomely cute daughters. He’s a graduate of Musicians’ Institute, and a quick study on anything he hasn’t done before. He began his journey with us an an intern and associate composer on Dogs in Space, and quickly proved to be someone we couldn’t let go.

Ray’s songwriting and composing continue to thrill our team, and he is currently working with Matt, Marcus and Tish on a new adorable project with Atomic for Netflix that we all LOVE.