More awesome Cake-in-Spacers making the administration of beautiful custom composition a reality.

Evee Hunnel

Interning Composer/Lead Sheet Creator

Evelyn is 20 years old and a Belmont student of Computer Science and Composition. She is a classically trained pianist, euphonist, tubist, and a transgender rights activist. We love her passion, speed and attention to detail!

Amy and Dan Eidem

Cue Admin/Payroll Admin

The dynamic duo! Amy’s career in real estate and business administration earned her the name “Queen of All Things.” Dan has spent more than 30 years in radio broadcasting and has been a Nashville staple for 23 years both on the air as a voice talent and on the stage where he wails on drums and vocals. They are both true rock stars.

Arun Bali


Arun is best known as the guitarist for New Jersey rock band Saves the Day. Behind the desk, he started with composition for commercials then moved on to producing bands, but working to picture is a growing passion. It’s good to know we’ve got someone who can do a little of all of the above!