Matt Mahaffey


Matt Mahaffey is an Emmy/Annie-nominated multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and entertainer known for his intuitive approach to scoring animation, his diverse style palette, and his consistently fresh output. He is one of those quirky musicians who, after chasing down success with his own rock bands, discovered — much like Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh and Oingo Boingo’s Danny Elfman — that his ideas fit better over the course of 11-75 minutes of moving picture than into a 3-minute pop song.

Matt was plucked from his dorm room and signed to a record deal at 19 years old, leading to a successful career with his muso-beloved project sElf. While working with the Dreamworks label in the early 2000s, he had the opportunity to pitch songs for upcoming films. The Shrek universe provided his first job in film/TV and proved to be the gift that kept on giving, offering sequels, special features, and a full immersion into the world of music to picture. From there, Matt teamed up with Hans Zimmer on the film Spirit and then moved into the world of animated series, working as composer for Ni-hao, Kai-lan.

To date, Matt has composed original music for over 50 series and films, including The Middlemost Post, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesHenry HugglemonsterMission Force OneTransformers Rescuebots AcademyTotal DivasRoad RulesNella the Princess Knight, and Sanjay and Craig. His production credits include a diverse roster of artists ranging from Keith Urban to Lupe Fiasco, several of whom have achieved Gold and Platinum sales awards with their Mahaffey collaborations. He also toured with Beck for three years and contributed to the artist’s Grammy-winning album Morning Phase.

Tish Mahaffey

Songwriter/Creative Executive/Owner

Tish was five years old when her mother caught her making up a song. The next day, she gifted her daughter a cassette recorder and taught her how to use it. By the end of the week, Tish had finished her first “album,” kicking off a prolific career that would eventually find the songwriter, front-woman, multi-instrumentalist, and business entrepreneur writing original music for television, musical theater, commercials, and her own internationally-acclaimed hard-rock trio, The Dead Deads.

Since playing her first show at age 10, Tish has maintained a regular presence not only onstage, but in the writing room, too. Songwriting easily parlayed into commercial work, and in 2007, Tish wrote her first main title and original song for The Miss Howard Stern Show. Between touring commitments and recording sessions, she found time to launch Rock and Roll Girls Club and developed an instructional method to easily teach small children how to song- write and play piano, bass, or guitar. This passion for helping kids musically express themselves led to a partnership with Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick called Rock Your Speech, in which Tish worked with speech therapists to provide lyrics that would help those with autism learn to verbalize challenging concepts.

Tish’s musical tastes are as diverse as her resume. In 2012, she funneled a lifelong interest in musical theater into her own “hip-hopera,” 2000 and Future, which debuted at Centennial Theater. Characters and themes from that musical were adapted for a future animated series. Meanwhile, she also founded The Dead Deads, a hard-rock trio whose fans include everyone from Paul Stanley of KISS to Corey Taylor of Slipknot. Over the course of four studio albums — including the upcoming Tell Your Girls It’s Alright, an epic 12-track record due in August 2021 — The Dead Dead’s have blurred the lines between generations and genres, modernizing the punk, grunge, and metal influences of their youth for a sound that’s heavy and hook-filled.

Tish first worked with her now husband, Matt Mahaffey, on commercials for brands like Honda and Sketchers. They soon became creative partners, collaborating on a new musical about their mutual favorite band, They Might Be Giants, and launching the composer collective Cake in Space.

Marcus Meston


Marcus graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Audio Production. We got him as an intern, and within one year of working with us, he was at the helm of his own show, and taking on anything else we could find to throw at him. He was the first cohort Matt brought on and has helped shape the company we are today. He’s a skilled producer and engineer, and has had his music featured in everything from the Olympics and Louis Vuitton, to HBO’s Euphoria. Credits include Karma’s World, Marvel’s Long Story Short, Transformers Rescue Bots, Total Divas and Total Bellas.  Scoring a show like Euphoria–something modern and electric–is in his wheelhouse, though we’ve found it hard to stump him on any genre.

Keiffer Infantino


Coming into multi-instrumentalism honestly by way of a Berklee degree in Music Production and Engineering, Keiffer is every producer’s dream, so back off–he’s with us! Keiffer’s knowledge was pivotal in developing some of our early systems for file-sharing and databasing. As an educator he is gracious and patient, giving hours of his time to onboard interns and future associate composers. Keiffer worked on Emmy-nominated Nella the Princess Knight, as well as Transformers Rescue Bots, The Middlemost Post, The Barbarian and the Troll and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Keiffer says he’s livin’ the dream. He looks forward to being a part of the childhood soundtrack for the next generation of weirdos.

Jakub Vanyo


Jakub’s history with Matt started long before Cake in Space, back when Matt was asked to produce Jakub as an artist. The two immediately hit it off, and stayed in touch. Matt was attracted to Jakub’s drive, maturity and natural talent–especially in the arena of crafting the sugariest of melodies and shimmering pop production. Jakub’s work has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Riverdale, The Bold Type, Julie & the Phantoms and CMT’s Music City. Most recently, Jakub worked with Tish on Blippi’s Treehouse out now on Prime Video!